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Oregon Mobile Home Movers transports mobile homes all over the state of Oregon. We move single-wide, double-wide, triple-wide mobile homes, park-models, office trailers and more. We are licensed and insured to protect your investment. Moving a home is something that should be left up to professionals. The transport will be taken care of from start to finish.

Services That We Offer

Preparing A Mobile Home
For Moving

Purchase or Rental Agreements

There are many things that need to be prepared in order for the transport process to take place. The first part that needs to be completed is the property transaction. The mobile home purchasing deal will need to be 100% complete. Also, the lot or land where it is going will need to be secured whether that is in the form of a rent agreement or land purchase.

Communication With Your Mobile Home Park

Have you had a chance to speak with the mobile home park management? To avoid major setbacks during the moving process, if the home is going to or from a park, they need to be aware of the plan. All rental or rental termination contracts should be dealt with prior. Also, if there are any neighbour’s yards or driveways that you may have to crowd or go over, they should be informed as well.

Challenges With Home Transporting

House trailers are typically longer in length than the average transportation trailer. Due to this they do not turn sharp and at times do not fit through overpasses, bridges, gates, or even sharp corners. We will plan the transport route but if you are aware of a troublesome obstacle at the pickup point or final destination it is wise to provide that information to the home movers.

Manufactured Home Transport in Portland OR

Types Of Buildings That We Move

Permits ​

Permits are required for transporting homes and office trailers. We will take care of that aspect of the move to ensure it is completed properly. With regards to the cost of it, it will be included in the quote price.

Pilot Vehicles ​

Not every load requires a pilot car but it is necessary for most mobile home transporting. We are equipped with them and and partner with other companies in the area in the event more are needed.

Mobile Home Movers in Oregon

Tires, Axles and

Have you checked to see if the home has a tongue and axles? The tongue and axles may be removed and stored under the home. The contractors will bring their own tires and can bring all of it if it is missing.


Transporting manufactured homes and offices by trailer is also an option. If the frame is questionable or it is too old to be legally towed it may be the only option. We can accommodate trailer transport if it is the only or preferred choice.

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Planning The
Mobile Home Setup


When it comes to single-wide homes, concrete blocks is the cheapest and most regularly method. We can bring blocks with us. With double or triple-wide homes concrete foundations are common. It can either be concrete pilings or a complete concrete pad or even a basement. State and park rules will ultimately dictate what is acceptable.


Tie-Downs are essential to secure the home in the event of strong winds. State-guidelines will determine how to install and how many are required. All licensed mobile home movers in Oregon should know these regulations.


Skirting has several purposes. It completes the look of the home as the supports are covered up. Pest control is another reason why it is installed. It makes it much harder for critters to get under the residence and damage it. Lastly, it helps with climate control. This can be everything from keeping pipes warm on a cold day or reducing utility bills by keeping the floor warm. Contact us today to find out more about our skirting installation services.

Find The Industry

Picking the right contractor can be a challenging task but it usually starts with the questions that are asked during the initial meeting. Experienced movers will know exactly what information they need from you to get started. This will most certainly lead to less surprises later.

Why Choose Us?

Getting your mobile home moved can be a stressful process so why not let the experts take that away. We have been doing it for years and already know what needs to be done. Our contractors have the know-how to make sure it is all done correctly. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and we would be more than happy to provide a quote for you.